Welcome to Svamphuset -The Swedish mushroomhouse.
We are proud to present the best assortment of mycelium and equipment for mushroom growing that Scandinavia has to offer. Here you will find everything from mushroom growkits to a vast aray of different strains of mycelium for both outdoor and indoor cultivation. If you are looking for a cool growkit we highly recommend Svamphuset-The swedish musroom house.

If you want to grow your mushrooms on logs the rapid mycelium and the mycelium dowels sections are a feast! The rapid mycelium can also be used to inoculate your own substrates made from straw, sawdust and other materials. If you want to start your spawn from scratch, we offer a large selection of liquid cultures and everything you need to grow from LCs. Substrates, tools, lab equipment and other materials are gathered in the accessories section. The advanced mushrooms are a collection of really cool mushroom species that require somewhat different techniques, do check them out.


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