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Pioppino- Log grow kit (Agrocybe aegerita)

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450 grams of mycelium grown on enriched sawdust for inoculation of logs. Large amounts of mycelium in combination with deep kanals for rapid growth is our key to success! Inoculate using our mycelium injector and cover with eco friendly bees wax. Mycelium, injector, drills and bees wax are included.

Pioppino is a delicious mushroom with a mild flavor reminding of cashew nuts. It is very popular in Japan and Italy. The mushroom most commonly grows on horizontal logs of willow, popplar and maple. Instructions for log cultivation, see attached file.

450 grams of mycelium of the variety you choose
1 x 18mm drill bit
1 x 6mm drill bit
150 grams of beeswax
1 wax applicator

Choose fresh logs without damage to the bark.

1. Drill 4 cm deep holes with the 18 mm drillbit and in the same hole 11-37 cm deep with 6 mm drillbit to create a channel for the mycelium to penetrate. The holes are drilled 15-20 cm apart in a zigzag pattern on the outside of the log and with 5 cm intervals in the surface wood 2 cm from the bark.

2. Fill the holes with mycelium using the the mycelium injector, leave 5 mm for waxing.

3. Seal the holes with the supplied beeswax by melting it in a pan (suggested by water bath). Dip the wax applicator and "dab" on the hole.

4. Soak the logs for a couple of days or moisten well with a water sprinkler.

5. Place the logs upright in a shady place protected from the wind.

6. Soak/water the logs as needed to maintain moisture content.

We always send a full description when purchasing all of our products.

Birch, maple, poplar and willow

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