Shiitake - Flytande mycel (Lentinula edodes) S202 Flytande Mycel (LC) Min butik
Grå ostronskivling (Pleurotus ostreatus) - Flytande Mycel Flytande Mycel (LC) Min butik
Shiitake - Flytande mycel (Lentinula edodes) S202 Flytande Mycel (LC) Min butik

Shiitake- Liquid culture (Lentinula edodes) S202

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Liquid culture for inoculation by injection into substrates The culture can also be used to expand your mycelium on suitable materials. 25 ml of liquid culture delivered in a syringe with 1 sterile needle (BD Microlance green 0,8 x40mm).

This Shiitake is very versatile. When grown at temperatures below 18°C, it produces beautiful fruit bodies of the donko-type: dark-brown, nicely scaled, heavy and slender-stemmed, mushrooms have a good shelf life. In warmer growing circumstances the flesh becomes thinner and the colour lighter. Mushrooms also appear between flushes. With cultivation on sterilized substrate blocks, a ripening phase of 4-5 months needs to be taken into account. When grown on straw it is much quicker. Be sure to pasteurize the straw thoroughly. Recommended substrates: Enriched sawdust from oak, birch and maple. This strain is also suitable for straw. Strain: S202

The mycelium is cultivated with love by us in southern Stockholm, Sweden

All orders placed before 11:00 a.m. are shipped the same day. We deliver with DHL, and deliveries usually take 2-3 working days. At hot temperatures in the summer that exceed 25 degrees, we wait to send products containing mycelium until the temperature has dropped. This is to protect mycelium, which is sensitive at too high temperatures.

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