Shiitake - Färdigt odlingsblock (Lentinula edodes) Färdigt Odlingsblock Min butik
Shiitake - Färdigt odlingsblock (Lentinula edodes) Färdigt Odlingsblock Min butik

Shiitake - Fruiting block (Lentinula edodes)

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Cultivation blocks of oak-wood inoculated with Shiitake mycelium (Lentinula edodes). Probably our all time favorite mushroom to grow and eat, which seems to be shared with our customers. Gives a good harvest, up to three harvests per block. Home-grown shiitake tastes amazing, way better than store-bought shiitake!

Remove the plastic completely, spray the blocks with water several times a day and voila, mushrooms will pop out. Usually there are already mushrooms on the blocks upon delivery, which will grow larger after the plastic is removed. For optimal conditions, we recommend you to have the grow block/ blocks in a humid environment with good air flow. For example, a larger plastic box in which you drilled a few holes on the sides with an associated lid. Fill a 5-10 cm layer of vermiculite or perlite in the bottom of the plastic box and moisten thoroughly. Place the growing block on the substrate at the bottom after removing the plastic. Placed bright but not in direct sunlight. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling the culture block.

All orders placed before 11:00 a.m. are shipped the same day. We deliver with DHL, and deliveries usually take 2-3 working days. At hot temperatures in the summer that exceed 25 degrees, we wait to send products containing mycelium until the temperature has dropped. This is to protect mycelium, which is sensitive at too high temperatures.

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