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Pelletized hardwood oak pellets that has been sanitized using heat. Suitable for growing most mushrooms. Note! This item is only available for delivery within Sweden.

Oak pellets are among the best substrates you can use for mushroom cultivation. We are one of the very few that sell untreated oak pellets in Sweden, produced specially for mushroom cultivation. Oak pellets can be used to multiply a mushroom house or to start a new cultivation with fast-growing mycelium or grain spawn. Oak pellets have a nutrient-rich content and are suitable for pretty much all mushroom species we sell, such as grey, yellow, pale and chocolate brown oyster mushrooms, king oyster, lion's mane mushrooms and many more. Perfect for grow bags, or outdoor growing in a pallet collar.

Mix 1 kg (1000 grams) of oak pellets with 1.5 liters of boiling water and leet cool to room temperatur. The add 10-15 percent (100-150 grams) of fast-growing mycelium for a substrate of about 3 kg. A rule of thumb is to always mix in at least 10 percent fast-growing mycelium or grain spawn per kilo of dry weight pellets. The more mycelium you mix in, the faster the colonization.

For replanting a mushroom house, clean and healthy mycelium from a Mushroom House is mixed with 5 kilos of oak pellets and 7.5 liters of water. The material is distributed in 5 cultivation bags with approx. 3 kg in each bag. After 3 weeks, you have approx. 15 kg of mycelium, which you can either choose to plant in the bags, or use for planting out in outdoor cultivation. Suitable grow bags: Grow bag large.

The mushroom house's heat-treated oak pellets are of the highest quality and ready to use. The volume, but not the weight, of the contents of the bag may vary slightly depending on the time of year the oak shavings were pressed and that they collapse during storage and transport.

What is the difference between oak pellets and straw pellets? The biggest difference is that oak pellets come from oak sawdust, and straw pellets from grounded straw. Both are compressed under high heat, and therefore the use of any binders if not necessary. Straw provides slightly faster, but not as complex nutrition and is a good substrate in general for mushroom cultivation. Oak pellets provide a more complex nutritional content, and tend to give a higher final yield of harvested mushrooms. Oak pellets have broader uses, as the majority of the wood-loving mushroom species we sell grow on oak. It is also good to mix both oak and straw pellets. If you do so, we recommend a combination of 70 percent oak pellets and 30 percent straw pellets.

All orders placed before 11:00 a.m. are shipped the same day. We deliver with DHL, and deliveries usually take 2-3 working days. At hot temperatures in the summer that exceed 25 degrees, we wait to send products containing mycelium until the temperature has dropped. This is to protect mycelium, which is sensitive at too high temperatures.

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